Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding decorations

Hi! Today I want to show you a few wedding decorations I made.
In this first photo are a wedding glass and a box for rings. To decorate them I used diffrent materials.

Glass for champagne. Beside fabrics, for the glass I used even Chloe stem from Memory box. I think it gives a nice touch.

The big white flower I made it yesterday and was my first attempt to work with polifoam. I love the result.I colored it with inks.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pink and yellow flowers

                 The flowers I made them using CR1204 and I colored them with pink and yellow inks.

To make this holder for flowers I cuted  3 layers with CR1263 Trellis Panel and I rolled them looking like a tube and than I glue them together. Into each one tubes I putted one pink flower.

Those two little hearts were cuted with COL1307 Candy Heart and I used Elaine's paper, PB7041.

LR0300 Anja's Border, Marianne Design;
CR1263 Trellis panel, marianne Design;
COl1307 Candy Hearts, Marianne Design;
CR1204 Flowers, Marianne Design;
LR0162 English Roses, Marianne Design;
PB7041 Elaine's paper, Marianne Design

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vintage card

I was looking to create an vintage card to remember of countryside decoration, with lace, red roses and old vase.

To decorate  this vase - COL1345 Marianne Design it was really fun. First I colored it with acrilic colors ( blue , orange and brown) and than over it I used cracking varnish with 2 components. To  highlight the cracks I used paste of antiquisation from Pentart.

LR0300 Anja's Border, Marianne Design;
COL 1345- Vase, Marianne Design;
Flowers EWK1217- Decoupage , Marianne Design;
Victorian Vintage Papers Bloc, Marianne Design;
Fleur-JU0898- Lace, Marianne Design;
Acrilic colors, Crackle Varnish- Pentrat

Monday, February 3, 2014

Flowers and bird

           As a base for my card I used multiple layers cuted with LR0300- Anja's Border

Flowers are from EWK1217- Decoupage Sheets from MD, I also used LR0162 English Roses.

I made this box from two CR1262 and two CR1263. It is perfect to put inside a little gift like a jewelry or a scarf

CR1263 Trellis Panel, Marianne Design;
CR1262 Trellis Flowers, Marianne Design;
LR0300 Anja's Border, Marianne Design;
LR0162 English Roses, Marianne Design;
Lr0150 Branch1, Marianne Design;
JU0912 Romantic Lace, Marianne Design;
Flowers- EWK1217-Decoupage, Marianne Design;
PK9104- Vintage Romance papers Bloc, Marianne Design